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Quitting a Job You Hate

Some years ago, I was seemingly trapped in a litigation paralegal job that was literally sucking the will to live right out of me. While on a quest to get some peace on vacation, I found myself on a guided hike through the Red Rock Canyons. I struck up a conversation with my guide. He looked at me and said: “Yeah, I get a lot of people out here who hate their jobs. Why don’t you just quit?”

I was stunned. Clearly this man was an idiot, who was completely incapable of grasping the inner complexities of my little world, and how every little intricate layer of the life I built revealed an issue or detail that prevented me from “just quitting.” I believe I gave him a more tactful response, in the way of declaring: “But it isn’t that simple.”

This time, the sage guide looked at me as though I was the one with the mental problem. He said: “Yes it is.”

Looking back in my rearview mirror on the job and city I left in the dust, I realize of course that the guide was right. Most things really are simple. Everything is as easy or as hard as you make it. Decide what you want, and set your course. The inner complexities are probably just fear and insecurities, not actual problems that are preventing you from changing.  

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