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Memos from Lawyers to Litigation Paralegals

This one is just to poke fun at senior partners. One thing that used to happen quite frequently (or at least, whenever one of the wives got an ambitious notion) was the spreading of hilarious sales memos to staff.

For instance, the most recent one I can think of before my departure was when the senior partner’s wife decided she was going to start a business knitting sweaters and other accessories for cats. However, I have seen memos on a vast area of topics, and sometimes I break that folder out for inspiration when I am looking for new business ideas. They are not all bad if someone would just try to develop them for more than a week or so.

In any event, whatever the idea of the day is, senior partner decides that this is somehow our problem too now. He makes his secretary type the below memo and hand deliver it to every single person in the law office.

TO:  All Staff

FROM:  The Biggest Shot Attorney

RE:  Cat Sweaters

Silly Susie, my current wife, was formerly the head cashier at Banana Republic twenty-five years ago and now she has got it into her mind to start a business helping our local pets stay warm. Attached is her business card.

If you know of anyone who has a need for cat sweaters (or even little hats which are very cute, actually, and especially in photographs), please contact Silly Susie immediately so I can keep her occupied while I am tending to other matters.

As usual, thank you for your support. I really do have high hopes for this one. 

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