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Litigation Paralegal Salary

The average litigation paralegal salary in the United States seems to hover right around $50,000. I can tell you that as a trial paralegal I made a lot more than that (including base and bonuses, and rightfully so). Compensation packages should be tailored for every individual, and it is important to strike the right number so that employees stay motivated to strive to perform.

The emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual, and mental toll is very high on paralegals. The pressure is very high, and the sacrifice is very high. Remember, your trial paralegals don’t stand to gain millions when it is all over with. But the rollercoaster ride is just the same. You want to make sure that you are evaluating your trial paralegals especially closely on an annual basis and striking a compensation package that keeps them lined up to take that ride with you over and over again. Otherwise, your good people will leave you. There are just too many other opportunities out there for awesome trial paralegals to make a good living.

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