Self Actualization

An associate lawyer asks: “Are we any better than slaves?” This is a condition that is plaguing the legal field. It is an absolute cancer.

Miserable Associate

What they don’t understand is that we’re not insisting that our work give us joy, meaning, fulfillment, or self-actualization. Stephen Pollan was right when he said, “Remember: Work is the area in your life that gives you the best chance to earn money.” “You can help the world by volunteering. You can be creative through a hobby. You can get a sense of purpose and a feeling of joy by caring for your family. You can be spiritually uplifted at a house of worship.” If we say that we want our work to matter, it’s because our work has robbed us of the time that we need to take care of our need for these other outlets. We have no ability to flourish outside of work, so we articulate our life’s deficiencies by complaining about what our work doesn’t offer. But what we really want is time to be human…

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