Terrible Job Ads

Craigslist Job Post for Law Assistant in Tallahassee, Florida

Anyone interested in this awesome $10.00 hourly job?

Law office seeking full-time legal assistant, no experience necessary. Recent college graduates with a high GPA and intentions of going into the law profession are required. Must be hard-working, punctual, responsible, dependable, self-motivated, adaptable to change, detail oriented, and able to multitask. Must be a skilled and fast typist. Experience with Excel and other worksheets preferred. Send one page resume, cover letter, and sample writing to this e-mail.

Primary Responsibilities/Duties:

• Research relevant state and federal court rules
• Record all litigation documents in docket database and calculate procedural due dates
• Assist with the maintenance of the litigation docket/preparation of documents
• Research relevant state and federal court rules; note applicable court deadlines and notify attorneys of upcoming due dates.
• File legal documents with various state and federal courts
• Collaborate with the team members to manage all case-specific information in applicable jurisdictions
• Responsible for electronic filing of documents
• Responsible for knowledge of ECF protocols and maintenance of ECF passwords
• Monitor case progress in assigned courts, obtain decisions, orders and other relevant documents; communicate case status to responsible attorney

Any takers? Gee, I wonder why not? This job ad is a clear attempt to exploit someone who is unemployed. It makes me absolutely sick!

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