“Here’s Why You Should Hire Me.”


It was on this day, March 5, 2016, that I awoke and came to the sudden realization that I have apparently become the self-proclaimed Jackass Whisperer for the legal profession. Then I hit the “publ…

Source: “Here’s Why You Should Hire Me.”

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2 thoughts on ““Here’s Why You Should Hire Me.”

  1. I figured this jerk would raise your hackles!

    I respectfully submit that individual is the typical brilliant attorney. High IQ. All brains, but no smarts, especially concerning treatment and use of f subordinates. Personalities aside, attorneys of this particular ilk believe the world revolves around them. Everyone they pay, and even those they don’t, are at their beck and call.

    This attorney may be Big Law, but, believe me, Small Law attorneys I’ve encountered are no different. Even subordinate attorneys are not immune from condescending demands. The shareholder in my small firm needed to have license plates mounted on her car. Instead of taking her car to a mechanic or asking a male neighbor or friend to help her (she was divorced), she asked a senior associate to mount the plates! He was kind enough to do it. IMO he had every right to refuse. Mounting license plates on shareholder’s car was not his job. I could tell more stories about that shareholder and her imperious treatment of staff.

    In fairness, refusing to comply with some requests, such as fetching a file, borders on insubordination. Otherwise, that individual’s blatant arrogant, entitled attitude renders him, in my estimation, 98 percent wrong.

  2. samantha

    This made me so sad.. I feek for you like you have no idea. Hang in there!😘

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