Why Are There So Many Asshole Lawyers?

Just brilliant.

Leaving the Law

When people ask me why I left law, I usually tell them that my personality didn’t fit into law, that I found it excrutiatingly boring, and that I really wanted to do something I liked. Which is all true. I also sound less bitter than if I l tell them that frankly, I couldn’t deal with all the asshole lawyer behavior. That was the bottom line for me.

The most consistent complaints I hear from clients about law firms are the toxicity and dysfunctionality of firms, and billable hours. Those two things are actually related, but for now I’m going to focus on the asshole side of things. Fun!

Probably not the most emotionally intelligent way to interact with colleagues. Probably not the most emotionally intelligent way to interact with colleagues.

For the 25 or so years I’ve been in and around law, the disdain the majority of law firm lawyers have for feelings and values has done nothing but grow…

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One thought on “Why Are There So Many Asshole Lawyers?

  1. Mrs. Rogers

    I have been a paralegal since 1998 and I had, at one time, hated my job. I honestly feel that it depends on what type of law you work in. For instance, I worked for a plaintiff personal injury firm that also handled criminal law, divorce and real estate in New York…Long Island, not the city. I absolutely hated what I did. I thought several times about leaving the field, but, I am so interested in how law works. I finally moved to Florida, and began working in a workers’ comp/employment law defense firm. What a difference! I now absolutely love my job, my firm, my boss and co-workers. If you enjoy the legal field, try to find the type of law that interests you the most. I love to prove when a plaintiff is lying and snoop around on the internet and dig up dirt on them. So many people have no idea how much information can be found on you. If you are claiming that you were injured on the job and the next day you are climbing a mountain and taking 20-mile hikes and you post pictures of yourself doing so…I will find out! So, before you give up on your career that had interested you at one point (or you wouldn’t be a Paralegal), change which area of law you are working in, it just might end up being as wonderful as you originally thought it would be!

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