Top 5 Ways Lawyers Will Make Your Life a Living Hell at Work

  1. They will never talk to you in complete sentences.
  2. They will constantly modify projects so that you are perpetually going back to the drawing board. For instance, perhaps you have just put twenty-five hours into a large document review and indexing project. Upon completion, you proudly inform your attorney that you have finished. His response? Where is the stack of emails from such and such? You know, the ones I never told you to separate, but am telling you now that you have finished the project?
  3. You will spend your life cancelling and rescheduling their tailor appointments and meetings with clients because they “just can’t deal with that right now.”
  4. They will make you invent lies for why they simply cannot do things, and you will have to keep a spreadsheet of the various lies and who you told them to.
  5. According to Psychology Today, the ABA estimates that 15-20 percent of lawyers suffer from alcoholism or substance abuse. What do you think that’s like to work with everyday?
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