A. Big Shot Attorney Goes to Lunch and Sends an Email About the Meal

Chowtown, the restaurant across from our building, now serves lunches. I had not been there before the 4:00 drinking hour, and decided to try it out today.

My lunch was superb:  grilled mahi-mahi with a half dozen spears of fresh asparagus. The chef was flexible, as he was willing to substitute olive oil for butter in the sauce (a lemon-butter sauce). Each asparagus spear was of just the right size diameter (which, of course, may mean only that it was what was available in the market today). More important, it was cooked to a perfect degree of doneness, as was the fish.

The meal as described (I ordered no beverage) was $20 plus sales-tax – less than what my stupid bitch paralegal has been paying to have a ham sandwich with no tomatoes, a coke and chips from Jimmy Johns delivered to me on Sundays.

Based admittedly on but one lunch, I recommend this restaurant in the event you ever feel like food instead of alcohol for the noon meal.

P.S. Different matter. I have found that the little bag of groceries I took home last evening from the 2nd floor refrigerator was not mine. (The casserole was delicious, though. There was also a package of shredded cheese in the bag, and you can have that back). Will the rightful owner please contact me today? I won’t be in the office for the next month and a half. My wife told me I needed to bring “that poor girl’s tacky Tupperware” back to the office. Mission accomplished! Well, it’s 3:00 now so I better head on over to the links!

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